The Kingdom Effect (9 of 9) by David Flowers

The Kingdom Effect: How Christ & the Kingdom Changes Everything

Like the theory known as the butterfly effect, or the mustard seed spoken about by Jesus (Matt 13:31-32), the Kingdom starts small, seemingly insignificant, and grows to make a massive impact on its surroundings. This effect begins with you! And then it spills over and sweeps across the landscape of all life on earth. In this series, David presents the gospel in a way that will bring our lives in Christ and his Kingdom into focus. In the final message of the series, David points us to the future of heaven and earth, where the Kingdom is taking all of creation.

Series Outline:

The Kingdom Effect...

  1. On the Individual
  2. On Human Sexuality
  3. On Marriage
  4. On the Family
  5. On the Church, part 1
  6. On the Church, part 2
  7. On Society & Culture
  8. On Worldly Powers
  9. On the Future of Heaven & Earth

Listen to David and view the slides here.