Obeying Jesus (3 of 7) / by David Flowers

Sermon Series:  Obeying Jesus: 7 Commands for Every Disciple
Sermon Title:  The Table of Memory & Mystery (3 of 7)
Scripture Reading:  Luke 22:17-20; John 6:53-58; 1 Corinthians 11:23-34

In his last moments on earth with his core disciples, Jesus said, “Go and make disciples… teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.” So, what are these commands that sincere, authentic followers of Jesus should be obeying? In our Obeying Jesus: 7 Commands for Every Disciple series, we will look closely at the teachings and practices that Jesus said are basic and foundational to faithfully following him. 

In their final Passover together, Jesus infuses new meaning into the community meal of God’s people. He tells his disciples that the bread and cup of the table now represents his broken body and blood shed for the sins of the world. He commands us to remember him each time we receive it.

In The Table of Memory & Mystery (3 of 7), pastor David helps us to see the real purpose of communion. Listen to David and view the slides here.