Psalms Series (1 of 6) / by David Flowers

Sermon Series:  By Streams of Living Water -- A Six-Part Worship Series on the Psalms
Sermon Title:  Soul Thirst (1 of 6)
Scripture Reading:  Psalm 1:1-6; 42:1-5; 63:1-4; Matthew 5:6; John 4:13-14

For the most profound and enduring prayers of all time, both Christians and Jews look to the Psalms. These timeless writings become our words when we have none. With vivid word pictures that capture our imagination, and in the beautiful artistry of the language, we discover that the Psalms are empowering for faith as we sing and pray them in devotion to God. Join us as pastor David leads us in this six-week soulful journey through the book of Psalms.

  1. Soul Thirst
  2. Duty & Delight
  3. Clean Hearts
  4. Tears of Lament
  5. Rains of Justice
  6. Giving Thanks

The book of Psalms may be a collection of ancient prayers and hymns, but it is incredibly relevant for the church today. First and foremost, the Psalms express the human longing for God and the confidence born from our experience of him. Like a tree planted by streams of living water, so is the person that delights in the Lord and finds their life in him.

Listen as pastor David talks about the purpose of the Psalms, and how Jesus saw himself as the water for which our souls truly thirst. View the slides here and listen to the song at the end.