Seven Signs of Life (1 of 7) / by David Flowers

Sermon Series: Seven Signs of Life
Sermon Title: Prove You're Not Dead
Scripture Reading: Genesis 12:1-5; Exodus 14; Hebrews 10:36-39

In biology we learn that there are seven processes of life that identify all living organisms. We could also view these as “signposts” to a healthy living organism. Here at CMF, we're using these seven signs as a diagnostic tool for assessing individual spiritual health as a disciple, as well as the overall health of our church.

This series looks at the seven signs of life in the Kingdom of God.

  1. Movement: Prove You’re Not Dead
  2. Respiration: Breathing God’s Breath
  3. Sensitivity: Our Spiritual Awareness
  4. Growth: The Inevitable Result of Healthy Life
  5. Reproduction: Multiplying Life, Creating the Future
  6. Excretion: Getting Rid of the Junk
  7. Nutrition: A Diet That Makes a Difference

Movement is an indication of life and usually occurs in response to stimuli. Animals move quickly when stimulated by an outer (danger) or inner (hunger) force. Plants exhibit movement through growth, so the effect is sometimes slow and hard to detect. Nevertheless, all living things move.

Like the children of Israel after leaving Egypt, we often want to stand still instead of move into the unknown. But the alive disciple is always on the move, and so is the organic church.

In this message, we begin our spiritual assessment by considering whether we’re moving with the Spirit or trying to stand still in our faith. Only in movement can we prove that we’re not dead.

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