Lent to Easter (6 of 7) / by David Flowers

Sermon Series: Lent to Easter 2015
Sermon Title: The God Who Is Still Present When The Party Is Over
Scripture Reading: Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29; Matthew 21:1-16; John 2:13-24

What is God doing? What does he want to do? Whatever God is doing, it isn't "same old, same old." God wants to do a new thing! 

Our Lent to Easter 2015 series focuses our attention on our need to see how and where God is at work in our personal walk with him, and in the life of our church. Are we listening? Do we recognize the Holy Spirit at work?

Jesus enters Jerusalem one last time in a comically subversive manner. Passover is well underway with thousands of worshippers in attendance, and Jesus’ much-anticipated time has come. His disciples tried to deter him from this “triumphal” entry into the city, but Jesus is determined to obey the Father even unto death.

At first he is celebrated, but then he does the unthinkable. Jesus shuts the Passover party down, driving people out of the Temple and calling for a new day. The lights go out, but God is still present with Jesus, just as he is present with us in our time of sorrow and suffering. Listen to pastor David as he challenges us to celebrate even when the party is over, believing that a new day is coming.

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