Advent 2014 (2 of 6) / by David Flowers

Advent is the beginning of the church calendar. This is a season of hope that calls us to examine our faith in light of the first coming of Jesus in a manger, to his second coming at the end of the present age. What does it mean to patiently persevere in the hope of things to come?

Our Advent-Christmas 2014 worship series is an invitation for all to come into the greatest story ever told. In the second message, David explains how repentance is the way to knowing peace in our lives, so that we can then pass peace on to others.

Listen to David and view the slides here.

Series Outline:

Advent One: Hope Renewed
Advent Two: Passing On Peace
Advent Three: Finding Joy
Advent Four: Liberating Love
Christmas One: Beauty That Blesses
Epiphany Sunday: God's Mystery Revealed