Considering Our Fruitfulness by David Flowers

Hello CMF,

Skip Tobin (US Ministries Director with Virginia Mennonite Missions) contributed to our current Seven Signs of Life sermons series with Reproduction: Multiplying Life, Creating the Future. 

Listen to me recap and give some additional thoughts, along with the questions below. Please take some time to personally evaluate your own fruitfulness, and that of our church.

Questions for us to consider when reflecting on our own fruitfulness:

  1. What kind of fruit are we after as a church (mission & vision)? What might that fruit look like? If you want potatoes, you don’t go looking in the trees! So, what are we after? What needs to be done to focus on that fruit? How is our church gifted (unique) and are we using those gifts as tools to connect with our neighbors—inviting others into Christ and the mission of our church?
  2. So, how might we plan (be intentional) toward acquiring this fruit? Is this reflected in our ministry efforts? What about our giving and our church budget (financial mission)? Are we passing on what God has invested in us, individually and corporately? 
  3. Skip said that we are “pregnant” with Kingdom possibilities. It’s been put into our DNA to reach out and multiply. God brings the growth, but multiplication is a mindset! We should bring people to Christ expecting that they too will bring people to Christ. We should start a small group in hopes of starting another group, even out of that group. We begin a church with intentions of planting another church.  Be honest, is this always the mindset among Christians? What about within CMF at the present time?
  4. Skip said that fruit needs to be tested. How can we test the fruit? In other words, what does God want to “prune” off of our lives, and our church, so that we can be more fruitful? He said that sometimes we need to say “No!” to some good things to make room for healthy growth. What else might we need?
  5. How can you personally contribute and be a catalyst for healthy change and growth? What needs pruning? What mindset(s) need to change? Where can you serve? What is God saying to you? And what are you going to do about it?

Pastor David