david flowers

David's Final Sunday by David Flowers

Hello CMF,

It has been a blessing to serve you over the last couple of years. Thank you for all of your prayers and support as my family follows the Lord's leading to Grantham Church in Pennsylvania. 

This coming weekend will be my final Sunday with you. If you're in town, I hope you'll join us for worship. Here is a snapshot of the message, A Time For Everything.

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote that there is a time for everything. Like the four seasons we observe in nature, we are aware of how life constantly changes---there are beginnings and there are endings. We know that this is the way life operates, but many of us struggle to accept and adjust to those changes, often missing out on how the Spirit is present and at work. Yet the Scriptures tell us that we have a God who remains the same despite our circumstances, and that we can trust he is always with us no matter what changes may come. In A Time For Everything, pastor David encourages us to recognize where we are as individuals and as a church. What time is it in your life? And how does God want to meet you in the changes to come?

See you at 10:30 AM for worship and communion in the sanctuary.


David Flowers