Abundance! / by Andrew Fairfield

Dear friends,

First of all, three cheers for Jess and Cody for immediately jumping on the cookie outreach opportunity, for Mac and Charlie for their ongoing ministry of giving bread, and for Janie and Conrad for their willingness to participate as well! And I know there are many others who regularly work small miracles in other ways and at other times. What a community! I'm humbled and honored to serve alongside you all.

Such abundant generosity of spirit and of material resources reflects the true nature of our Creator. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I think God smiles when we imitate such goodness. This week's psalm, the 145th, is an expression of pure devotion to God's abundant nature. The whole song is a promise, that God's incredible strength and generosity will not be taken for granted but will be praised and pointed out, from one generation to the next.

Your good-natured acts and attitude are a part of God's good nature; they should never be taken for granted, but be praised and pointed out, from one generation to the next. Cookies and bread may seem like a small thing, but they are the building blocks of the new covenant in Christ. Food and friendship, laughter and conversation, these can be easy to overlook but they are the most fundamental ways in which we imitate God's goodness to friends and strangers alike. Don't let these things pass you by unremarked; notice them, and rejoice!

May your lives overflow with simple pleasures all this week.

Grace and peace,