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Covenant & Commitment

We conclude our sermon series on covenant membership. There will be a first annual covenant membership signing ceremony at the end of the service, followed by communion and a potluck meal. Please join us for this special day of commitment and fellowship.

Week Four, Sunday, February 1st

Sermon Title:  Covenant as Christian Discipleship
Scripture Reading:  Romans 12:1-13; Hebrews 10:15-25; Luke 14:25-33

Focus:  We live in a self-absorbed culture that prefers a moral therapeutic deism and a passive receiver model of the church over an active allegiance to the disciple-making commands of Jesus. Covenant membership challenges the current spirit of the age—rugged individualism—by offering a Christ-centered, missional church family as a counter-cultural response. We are called to follow Jesus in the reversal of Babel. What does this mean from an Anabaptist perspective? What does this look like for you and our church?

Tags/Key Concepts: Body of Christ, sharing the journey, being intentionally present and active, a living covenant with the church, Anabaptist view of discipleship, deep community, developing your spiritual gifts, serving, making disciples, real communion, covenant membership, etc.

Earlier Event: January 29
Preschool Meeting
Later Event: February 3
Ad Council Meeting