Advent 2015

National Refugee Sunday by David Flowers

Hello CMF,

This Sunday we continue our Advent 2015 series Freedom Bound

In The Path of Trust (3 of 6), I'll be addressing the chains of fear that entangle and paralyze us, and how to overcome them through Christ and an unwavering trust in God.

We also want to recognize that this Sunday is National Refugee Sunday.

CMF will be joining with thousands of churches all over the country taking part in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. There are more than 60 million refugees worldwide, the most ever in recorded history. There is between 12 and 13 million Syrian refugees and half are children. 95% of those refugees will never leave Syria or bordering countries, less than 5% will go to Europe or US. Therefore, we must provide aid to refugees right where they are. 

During this Sunday's service we will watch a brief video on the refugee crisis and then take up an offering that will go to World Vision. Please prayerfully consider giving.

Parents, the early portion of the video includes a couple of graphic scenes from the Syrian war. While we do plan to release the smaller children to the nursery before the video, please use discretion with your older children. You can preview the video here.

Please join us this Sunday as we celebrate our coming Lord who was also once a refugee. 

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

Freedom Song by David Flowers

Hello CMF,

Our Advent 2015 series "Freedom Bound" began Sunday with The Path of Justice (1 of 6).

In the sermon I read lyrics from Josh Garrel's song, Freedom (2003). 

If you're interested, listen carefully as Josh performs this powerful song.

Have you believed in the Christ? In what ways do you need to experience more of God's freedom? Advent is a good time to come into the freedom that only Christ can give.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David